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Overview Resources


Council Membership Resources


Parish Pastoral Council 101 Resources

  • Parish Roles and Responsibilities
  • PPC Formation Diagram
  • Study Guide for Pastoral Letter
  • Effective Meetings
  • Eight Norms Expanded (PPCG pp. 27-28)
  • Overview of Pastoral Planning
  • Resources from 2012 Pilot Process with Rick Krivanka
  • Pilot Process Toolkit–Samples and Templates
  • Consensus Decision Making Process


Parish Finance Councils 101 Resources

  • Diocesan Finance Council Guidelines
  • Slide Presentation Fall 2015 Regional Meetings
  • Training Videos for Finance Councils
  • Diocesan Policies Relative to Fiscal Management
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Bank Accounts
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Cash Disbursements
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Maintaining Records
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Management of Sunday Collections
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Mass Stipend Funds
    • Guidelines and Procedures for Payroll
    • Parish Report Sign-Off Form


Pastoral Planning Resources

  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach
  • Overview Chart
  • Continuous Pastoral Planning Handout
  • Planning Overview
  • Pilot Process Toolkit–Samples and Templates


Putting the Plan in Action Resources

  • Visioning, Organizing, Doing–Essential Functions for Pastoral Planning
  • Parish A
  • Parish B
  • Parish C
  • Coordinating Teams for Word, Worship, Community & Service
  • Action Planning Worksheets
  • Dream/Design Workshop (Retreat)
  • Forming a Parish WORD Coordinating Team
  • Forming a Parish WORSHIP Coordinating Team
  • Forming a Parish COMMUNITY Coordinating Team
  • Forming a Parish SERVICE Coordinating Team
  • Sample Parish Models of Commissions, Coordinating Team or Project Teams


Ongoing Council Formation Resources

  • 10 Signs of a Vibrant Parish
  • Samples of Parish Evaluation and Ministry Assessment
  • Pastoral Plan Tracking Tools
  • Core Competencies of Pastoral Planners
  • Policy Formation Workshop (PPCG pp. 46-48)
  • Forming the Annual Agenda
  • Group Leadership Skills Workshop
  • Recommended Reading


Partnership/Collaboration Resources

Prayer Resources