The Property & Risk Management Office manages the Diocesan Self Insurance Program that protects Diocesan assets, real estate, staff and visitors. Risk Management answers insurance related questions, processes claims made, and provides assistance regarding all types of insurance coverages.

The P&RM Office is involved in real estate transactions, review of real estate legal documents, Diocesan safety initiatives and inspections (Diocesan Safety Committee), environmental compliances (AHERA), State required Accident & Illness Prevention Programs (A&IPP) along with providing assistance and reviews of construction/renovation projects to all Diocesan entities (Diocesan Building Commission).

The Office is also charged with the oversight of maintenance functions at Diocesan Administration Facilities.

Administration of Diocesan Cemeteries is also contained in the Property & Risk Management Office.

Policies and Procedures

Capital Improvement Policy

Building Commission Policy

Real Estate Policy

Diocesan Self Insurance/Risk Management
Real Estate
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