Parish Social Ministry responds to human needs, whatever and wherever they may be, whether with parishioners of other members of the community, whether the need be hunger, housing, illness, loneliness, employment, fair wages, physical disabilities or ecological sustainability. Parish social ministry must respond to issues of respect for human life at every stage of existence. We must encourage broad group action on behalf of those who hunger for righteousness and peace. However, it is done, parish social ministry needs to be organized and deliberate. It must be communal, planned and directed by a group, and not a simple individual response.”

– Most Rev. Joseph C. Bambera, D.D., J.C.L.

The Office for Parish Life is available as a resource to you and your community, no matter what stage of ministry development you are in.

If you would like to learn more about developing parish social ministry in your community, please contact Katy Windels, the Coordinator for Service and Social Justice, at

In the coming months, I will be traveling to parishes throughout the diocese to introduce myself and learn more about ministries in your parishes. Following these visits, I hope to establish regular Deanery meetings, trainings, and other programs to help you develop your service and social justice programs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you and partner in developing effective parish social ministries here in the Diocese of Scranton!




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