According to Code of Canon Law, the Vicar General is the principal delegate of the Diocesan Bishop. The Vicar General possesses that delegated authority in the Diocese which belongs to the Bishop in law, that is, he possesses the power to place all administrative acts with the exception of those which the Bishop has reserved to himself or which in law requires the special mandate of the Bishop. He is the highest official in a diocese after the diocesan bishop.

The Moderator of the Curia is a priest appointed by the Diocesan Bishop whose task it is under the authority of the Bishop to coordinate the exercise of administrative responsibilities and to see that all members of the Curia dutifully fulfill the offices entrusted to them. The Moderator of the Curia fosters unity, identity, and purpose within the Curia. He guides and directs diocesan departments in the implementation of the Diocese’s mission and the priorities of the Bishop.