The Parish Faith Formation Grant is a diocesan funded grant through the Diocesan Annual appeal.  The aim of this grant is to provide financial resources to the parishes of the Diocese of Scranton who are seeking to form Missionary Disciples through new and innovative evangelization efforts.  

To be considered for this grant, a parish must submit an initiative that demonstrates an effort to equip missionary disciples to: (1) live our faith fully, (2) share our faith freely with others, (3) transform the world in Christ, (4) call forth the baptized to assume positions of servant leadership; and, (5) foster the spirit of co-responsibility, supporting each parish in its unique journey to becoming a fully participative community of living faith. 

To learn more about the particulars of this year’s grant cycle please click on the link below. 

Parish Faith Formation Grant Application 2024-2025

End of the Year Reporting Template 2023-2024