The Diocesan Pastoral Center


Located at 330 Wyoming Avenue in Scranton, the Diocesan Pastoral Center offers great event and meeting spaces! 

Ideal for:

  • Groups in Ministry Formation
  • Diocesan Conferences/Receptions
  • Parish and Regional Staffs/Teams
  • Adult Faith Formation Groups
  • Retreat Groups of all types; Days of Reflection; Prayer Groups
  • Groups of Children and Youth preparing for sacraments
  • Catholic School Faculties/Boards
  • Corporate Meetings or Training

Available facilities and costs:


Type of Event/Space Needed

 (Catering Costs Extra, See Below)

Diocesan Affiliated Groups Approved Unaffiliated Groups
Single Meeting/Classroom Space  (2-3 hrs) $50 $75
Multiple Meeting/Classroom Spaces   (2-3 hrs) $100 $125
Meeting/Classrooms /Dining Room  (5-8hrs) $200+meal costs $250+meal costs

Retreat – Meeting/Dining Room/Chapel/Atrium

(5-8 hours)

$300+meal costs $350+meal costs

Large Group – Full Facility with Auditorium,

Meeting Rooms, Dining Room, Chapel

(all reserved for your group)


$400+meal costs $500+meal costs
Additional Opportunities
Coffee Set-Up with Light Snacks $2-3 per person $2-3 per person
Meal Boxed and Delivered Actual cost of caterer Actual cost of caterer
Meal Catered and Served Actual cost of caterer Actual cost of caterer

Use of Gymnasium

( Only for group with scheduled event)

$100  w/demonstration of supervision plan $150  w/demonstration of supervision plan

Contact Bridget Purcell, Events Coordinator at 570-591-5005 for more details.