Bishop Joseph C. Bambera celebrates the World Day of Prayer for Vocations Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish on April 25, 2021.

Jesus is constantly calling us to spread his love

PECKVILLE – Jesus is calling his sheep but unfortunately many are just not listening.

That is the message that Rev. Andrew Kurovsky, pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, delivered as homilist for the Diocese of Scranton’s World Day of Prayer for Vocations Mass on April 25, 2021. More than 150 attended the annual observance held at the Peckville parish.

“Jesus hasn’t stopped calling. Maybe we just aren’t tuned in enough to respond,” Rev. Kurovsky said.

The long-time pastor said Jesus calls his sheep in many ways. Sometimes it is for service to the priesthood or religious life.

Rev. Andrew Kurovsky, pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, delivers his homily.

“We need sheep that are going to bring Sacraments and the Word of God to people. My friends, I believe Jesus is calling those sheep. He’s still calling them today,” Rev. Kurovsky said. “Too many times we fail to see the vocations and how Jesus is calling people right here in our midst so we can encourage them more and more.”

Rev. Kurovsky encouraged each person attending Mass to find the vocation to which he or she is being called.

“He’s calling sheep to come forward and give their all in terms of elder care and reaching out to those who are in need and have no one to look after them. We need sheep today to perhaps establish Catholic Rehab Centers, for therein lies another pandemic that exists in our world today, that being the pandemic of addiction,” he said. “We need sheep in the Catholic Church that are going to fill the needs of those who are coming into our country now at the border.”

James Lavan of Mountain Top drove nearly an hour to attend the World Day of Prayer for Vocations Mass after being personally invited by members of the Diocesan Vocations Office.

“I was very intrigued to come up here and listen to the message,” the Holy Redeemer High School senior said. “I really enjoyed the message.”

Lavan, 18, is dismayed that many of this peers now do not associate themselves with any religion.

“It really disappoints me that a lot of people I grew up with, going to a Catholic elementary school, a lot of those people do not attend Mass anymore.”

As Lavan reflected on Rev. Kurovsky’s homily, he found inspiration.

A family kneels during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. (Photos/Mike Melisky)

“I’m really hoping that at some point in the future I’ll be able to encourage more people to not just attend Mass, but to devote more of their lives to prayer and take more time out of their day to pray the rosary in the morning or join a youth group,” he explained.

The April 25th Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish took on special significance because it marked the church’s 75th anniversary as a parish.

The Mid Valley parish continues to grow, especially with the number of young families attending Mass.

Bishop Joseph C. Bambera, who served as principal celebrant for the Mass, thanked Rev. Kurovsky for his reminder that all of us need to hear the voice of the Lord and follow him.

“I think Father Andy reminded us all very, very profoundly that we have all been invited by God as the sheep to spread the love that has been imparted to us and to proclaim the Gospel message in the lives that we lead,” Bishop Bambera said.