SCRANTON – Dozens of young adults from the Diocese of Scranton came together earlier this month for a virtual retreat.

The Diocesan Office for Parish Life and Vocations Office held its popular “Bold Choices: Finding Your Passion and Living It Fully” retreat online from June 8-10, 2020.

The virtual retreat began with an opening session via video conferencing, readings and resources for participants to do at their own pace and a closing session via video conferencing.

As expected, the video conferencing sessions focused on the impact of the coronavirus on participants. Young adults took part in virtual icebreakers and discussed how COVID-19 has affected their lives in addition to the important decisions – or ‘bold choices’ – they may be facing.

This is the first time the Bold Choices retreat has ever been offered online.

“This is really an exciting adventure,” Sister Mindy Welding, I.H.M., Director of Vocations for the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, said.

“This is a new moment for us. We’re only going to be limited by our ability to think outside the box,” Father Don Williams, Director of Vocations and Seminarians for the Diocese of Scranton, said as the virtual retreat began.

Participants were told that whenever you face important choices, no choice is ever a mistake. The young adults were encouraged to ask God for help in determining the right next step.

Participant Sam Matrisciano, parishioner at Saint Matthew Parish, East Stroudsburg, says the retreat was a great experience.

“I got to learn a lot about how others have discerned and gone through the troubles of being a young adult. I gained a new perspective on how I will make life decisions going forward,” Matrisciano said.

Alyssa Stencavage, a young adult from Saint Jude Parish, Mountain Top, agreed.

“I participated for the interaction and some peace and clarity. It’s nice to talk through challenges,” Stencavage said. “It felt good to have something going on to look forward to and it’s always good to share insights and have discussions with others.”