National Marriage Week, an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the institution of marriage, announces the launch of its 2024 campaign with the inspiring theme “Love Beyond Words.”

This year’s mission encourages couples to put their love into action and raise awareness of the profound positive impact strong marriages have on society.

Director Carl Caton talks about the importance and thrill of leading this campaign, “This is a national campaign and it’s exciting to watch it grow, but the roots are in communities all around the country. We are here to help connect couples with the resources that will help them strengthen their marriages during this special week and throughout the year!”

Taking place from Feb. 7 to Feb. 14 every year, National Marriage Week coincides with the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, making it the perfect time to celebrate the joys and virtues that marriage brings into our lives.

Research consistently demonstrates that married couples experience great health, financial stability, and personal happiness. Moreover, it provides the best environment for raising children, offering them a better chance at life.

The 2024 campaign, “Love Beyond Words,” will build upon and launch in partnership with well-known sociologist Dr. Bradford Wilcox and will feature content from his upcoming book, “Get Married,” which challenges the notion that individual happiness is found through self-pursuit. Instead, it highlights the fulfillment derived from opening our hearts to others, especially within our most meaningful relationships.

National Marriage Week spokesperson, Arlene Pellicane, a renowned figure in the field and host of the highly regarded podcast, The Happy Home, feels passionately about this mission.

“Marriage is something wonderful to be celebrated. The whole idea is to help people celebrate, to help our society value marriage, and then support marriages by providing them with resources to become more successful in their marital journey,” she said. “You don’t have to come from a happy home to create one.”

This weeklong program will challenge couples to put their love into action and provide couples with practical tools and resources through ideas and activities for:
• Daily connection
• Weekly dates
• Regular getaways

As National Marriage Week showcases, the Sacrament of Marriage is not a one-time ceremony, but a lifelong collaboration with God to bring life and grace to the world through the powerful witness of married love.

We invite you to join National Marriage Week in celebrating love beyond words and creating a lasting impact on the institution of marriage. For more information and to get involved, visit