SCRANTON (Nov. 3, 2022) – The Diocese of Scranton has learned in recent days that numerous parishioners have received a publication in their mailbox called the “Pennsylvania Catholic Tribune.”

Purporting itself to be Catholic, the newspaper features politically related content among its many articles. The publication also has accompanying websites, pacatholictribune and/or americancatholictribune, which appear to mention several dioceses in Pennsylvania, including the Diocese of Scranton.

It is important for all people to know that this publication and its accompanying website are neither endorsed by, nor are they affiliated with, the Diocese of Scranton or the Catholic Church.

It should be noted that Canon 216 of the Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law states that no initiative can lay
claim to the title “Catholic” without the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority – in most cases the
local bishop.

Can. 216 Since they participate in the mission of the Church, all the Christian faithful have
the right to promote or sustain apostolic action even by their own undertakings, according to
their own state and condition. Nevertheless, no undertaking is to claim the name
Catholic without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority.

The Diocese of Scranton also wants to assure its parishioners that the publisher did not receive mailing
information from the diocese or any of its parishes. The diocese does not sell or provide its contact
information for parishioners to any third party.

Anyone with questions about the legitimacy of a publication they receive in connection with the Diocese of
Scranton can contact Eric Deabill, Diocesan Secretary for Communications, at (570) 591-5001.