SCRANTON, PA (September 23) – In an ongoing effort to best prepare students for the 21st century and beyond, the Diocese of Scranton has been developing a new vision for Catholic Education.

One of the key components of this new vision will be the integration of the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) model of learning into the curriculum of all schools in the Diocese of Scranton Catholic School System beginning this academic year.

In order to equip educators with the tools necessary to be successful, the Diocese of Scranton is announcing an investment of $1 million to incorporate STREAM into the curriculum of all 20 Catholic schools by May 2022.

“STREAM is forward thinking, student-centered and cross-curricular,” Jason Morrison, Diocesan Secretary of Catholic Education/Chief Executive Officer, said.  “It goes beyond traditional STEM programs.  By including the Arts and Religion, we are adding creativity, communication and social responsibility rooted in our Catholic identity.”

Several resources have already been purchased for the initial implementation phase of the new STREAM initiative. BeeBots and Spheros have been purchased to provide students an opportunity to practice computer coding and each school has already received PadCaster technology which will allow students to use an iPad to engage in video production, journalism and public speaking.

“National research has shown that the top areas of focus for K-12 schools are encouraging individual and critical thinking, preparing children to successfully enter the job market as well as preparing students for college,” Kristen Donohue, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, said. “STREAM will accomplish this goal for our students and more. Through a hands-on, project based approach students will also develop the critical skills of working collaboratively and effective communication.”

Over the course of the summer, many Diocesan teachers have already received professional development and training in STREAM-related concepts.

“As we officially launch our STREAM initiative, I am confident that this effort will fulfill our promise of excellence and allow each of our students to achieve his/her God-given potential,” Bishop Joseph C. Bambera, Diocese of Scranton, said.

The Diocese of Scranton currently operates 20 Catholic schools across its 11-county Diocese, of which 16 are elementary schools and four are high schools. Approximately 4,500 students are currently enrolled in the Diocese of Scranton’s Catholic School System for the 2019-2020 academic year.