Truly, I think that I and many others, will see the beauty of life anew. That beauty is always there, but it is hard not to overlook it when we come and go all the time. Father Brown, the rectory of Saint Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore where I attend, said the the seminary community will be stronger than ever once things settle down.

The same is true for all communities. After this passes, how can we not find a deeper joy in hanging out with friends again? After this passes, how can we not look forward to spending time at work with our colleagues? After this passes, how can we not get excited about gathering as a community to worship Christ in the Eucharist at Mass?

To be sure, the excitement of returning will pass too. We will inevitably slide back into a mundane routine where the beauty does not seem apparent. That is okay. But now, all the while, we will have in the back of our minds the awareness that beauty never leaves us. Christ never leaves us. So too, even amidst chaos, confusion and fear, know that the beautiful Christ is with us.