All young adults (18-40) are invited to participate in our virtual Bold Choices Retreat.

Father Alex Roche, our new Diocesan Director of Vocations and Seminarians, will lead us in this semester’s theme – “The Great Traditions of Catholic Prayer.”

Session 1: How Do I Pray?

Session 2: The Saints and Their Prayer

Session3: Lectio Divina- Praying with the Bible

This retreat experience is FREE!

-Opening Session- Monday, October 12 at 7:30PM via WebEx

-Tuesday Morning (October 13) email with the 3 sessions for you to watch at your leisure

-Optional opportunities for Small Group Discussion with different facilitators

-Closing Session- Sunday, October 18 at 4:00PM via WebEx

To register, click this link:

For more information, call or text Dominick at 570-780-2996.