Some parishes in the Diocese of Scranton offer a Marriage Sponsor Couple Ministry.  Sponsor Couples are trained married couples that meet with an engaged couple in order to help them prepare for their upcoming marriage.  These meetings, likely a series of four to six, usually last about two hours.  You may meet with a Sponsor Couple as a single couple or as a small group of couples.

Each parish has a unique design for their Marriage Sponsor Couple Ministry.  Some use the FOCCUS inventory as the main tool in this preparation, others use video presentations, or a workbook.  Still other programs use a combination of these tools.

Obtaining your marriage preparation with a Marriage Sponsor Couple allows you to make a connection with your parish community.  This connection and bond will often continue through your initial years of marriage, when you may still appreciate having someone to turn to for support.  Additionally, Sponsor Couples are often able to work with your schedule, to set meetings at times that are convenient for all involved.

Your pastor will be able to tell you if your parish has a Marriage Sponsor Couple Ministry.

*If you are interested in starting a Marriage Sponsor Couple Ministry in your parish, contact the Office for Parish Life.