What is a PreCana Day of Reflection?


Your Pastor may recommend that you attend a Diocesan PreCana Day of Reflection.  Each runs from 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. on a Saturday or a Sunday.  They are offered at multiple sites around the diocese throughout the year.

The Days of Reflection are designed to help the engaged couple reflect on and discuss significant issues involved in married life, such as the families in which they were raised, finances, children, sexuality, moral decision making, values, communication styles, and skills and spirituality.  These are topics the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, as well as licensed marriage counselors, see as essential for couples to discuss BEFORE marriage.  (http://www.foryourmarriage.org/dating-engaged/must-have-conversations/)

In addition to giving the couple time to talk about these topics, the PreCana Days of Reflection also provide information in these areas from Catholic Church teaching as well as the social sciences and the financial world.

Presenters are married couples who give witness to how to succeed through good times and bad, with God’s help.  They give practical information and explain the holiness of marriage and the role God and the Church have to play.

Schedule for English Speaking PreCana Days


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Parishes that offer marriage preparation in Spanish

PreCana Preparation ONLINE in Spanish

Feedback from Engaged Couples Who Have Attended:

In answer to the question, “What was effective about the presenting couple/presenter?”

“They are living examples that through daily trials and tribulation you can still have a successful marriage.”

“I thought the couple was perfect.  I thought this was going to be boring BUT I really enjoyed myself and was happy to come.”

“They had realistic and relatable expectations and experiences.”

“They were not preaching at us but teaching us, giving us tools to make decisions.  The humor was a big plus also.”

“Most importantly is they truly believe what they present.”

“It was great to get healthy perspectives from two couples with different backgrounds who are very in tune with their marriages.  Very comfortable and not ‘preachy.’  Great and honest discussions.”

“GREAT REAL LIFE STUFF. Thank you for the Budget Sheet.”

“Excellent talkers who were at ease discussing their personal experiences sharing specific issues about their personal lives that showed they are human just like us.”

“Great presentation.  The set up is a good way!  Great family values were taught.”

In answer to the question, “What would you suggest to improve this experience for other engaged couples?”

“It was excellent.”

“For the couples to come to the class with an open mind and heart.”

“Great overall and would recommend to others.”

“Come to this class.”

“Loved the exercises and dialogue between couples.  Maybe more of these?”

“It was very good!  Very helpful!  Thank you!”

“Thanks for everything!  You really helped us.”

“I was pleasantly surprised.  The day went by far more quickly than I had anticipated.”