“He [Christ] abides with them . . . so that, just as He loved the Church and handed Himself over on her behalf, the spouses may love each other with perpetual fidelity through mutual self-bestowal.”

Second Vatican Council
Gaudium et Spes (Joy and Hope, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), 48

Taking the time to get away from it all with your spouse can be immeasurably beneficial for your marriage.  Enjoy the chance to focus on one another and your relationship, to prioritize and nurture your loving commitment.

  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter: The emphasis of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a marriage enrichment program, is on communication between husband and wife, who spend a weekend together away from the distractions and the tensions of everyday life, to concentrate on each other.  It’s not a marriage clinic, nor group sensitivity.  It’s a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Christian Marriage. This is a time for your spouse and you to be alone together, to rediscover each other and focus on your relationship for an entire weekend. Every marriage deserves that kind of attention!  To learn more about Marriage Encounter and to find weekends in other dioceses or faith expressions, call 800-787-7679 or visit http://www.wwme.org/

  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter Community/Share Group:  The Diocese of Scranton is happy to announce a Community/Share Group opportunity for all married couples who have ever participated in a World Wide Marriage Encounter (WWME) weekend.  The purpose of the Group is to provide ongoing support for marital relationships and family life. The Group meets regularly, usually on a monthly basis. A presentation is given followed by a 10/10 and a sharing.  (Sharing is optional.)  Afterward, a few business items are discussed and information with regard to upcoming events are announced. The meeting ends with a prayer, socializing and refreshments. Please call or email Joanie Walsh at 719-339-9970 or joaniewalsh528@hotmail.com with questions or to express interest.
  • Franciscan Spiritual Center: This center offers retreats, spiritual direction and online spirituality.  They are located in Aston, PA and at fscaston.org