Doug Barry is a devoted husband, father of five, and founder of RADIX, a Catholic apostolate that focuses on encouraging and strengthening the soldier of Christ to be aware of, prepared for and engaged in the spiritual fight that we are in – body mind and soul.

For many years Doug was the co-host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock, and is currently host for EWTN’s new television program BATTLE READY, also aired on EWTN.

His BATTLE READY rallies all over the country have offered a powerful opportunity to rally the troops for Christ and the faith!

Every one of us is in the thick of the spiritual battle. Many do not see it and consequently are unprepared for it. The outcome of that scenario is devastating. The primary goal of BATTLE READY is to help others know how to deal with the attacks of the world, the flesh and the devil. A must awareness for Catholic men!

Since 1992, Barry has traveled internationally, speaking to young and old alike through television, radio and live appearances.

Doug is also well known for his one-man drama of ‘The Passion’ which began in 1992 and has been performed live around the world, and aired on EWTN.