Hear the ways in which Jonathan has found personal fulfillment and purpose through using his God given talents to help bring others closer to God. Jonathan has practiced regular discernment in learning how God most wants him to steward his gifts.

Jonathan Mengoni
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Peckville


“Stewardship, then, is all-encompassing.  It provides a place for the simplest individual gesture of kindness as well as stewardship communities working for systemic justice and peace.  Stewardship flowing from a personal and communal relationship to Christ holds a particular attraction to people.  It is, ultimately, the pull and the power of the Gospel come alive in our times and circumstances.” (Stewardship:  A Disciple’s Response, 2)

Though it is essential for parishes to promote stewardship as communities, embodying the spirit of stewardship in our lives as individuals is equally important.  God calls each one of us to be stewards in every area of our lives; as the quotation above reads, stewardship is “all-encompassing”.

God calls us to be stewards of, and to care for:

  • our bodies
  • the earth, all of God’s creation, and the resources contained therein
  • our relationships
  • our church: at the parish, diocesan, and universal levels
  • all of our worldly possessions and resources
  • our fellow brothers and sisters

Everything that we have, all that surrounds us, is gift.  God has not only given us these gifts for our use and enjoyment, he has also given them to us for use in His service.  We are each called to steward our gifts, to develop them and to make them fruitful, for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to delve further into understanding and living the spirit of stewardship in your life, please consider exploring the following resources:


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