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…studies indicate that when people deeply belong within their faith community, they come to belong to Christ and to believe in him with the totality of the persons they are. There is a dramatically increased likelihood that people who are engaged will invite others to parish functions, and once within an engaged parish, those who are invited are likely to stay and to grow as spiritually committed people themselves.
  –  The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC),


An individual engaged with his or her parish community is a person who is involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to his or her community. 

  • Does this definition describe you?
  • Does this definition describe your fellow parishioners?
  • Are you interested in helping to build a more engaged parish, one in which people have the opportunity to develop and offer their God-given talents as good stewards?

The Diocese of Scranton Office for Parish Life is committed to helping create engaged parish communities.  An engaged parish community is one in which parishioners both feel and claim a sense of belonging. Engaged members feel their parish communities are like family and they demonstrate a high level of ownership for the mission and ministry of their community.

If your parish or you would like to learn more about increasing engagement in your community, please contact us.  You may also enjoy learning more by accessing the resources offered below.


The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC),

Dr. Albert L. Winseman, Growing an Engaged Church


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