Some of our Diocese of Scranton lay faithful have shared the ways in which they have practiced stewardship in the midst of their faith lives.  Enjoy the videos linked below and learn how some individuals are living out their call to stewardship.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Peckville
Hometown, Peckville

Hear the ways in which Jonathan has found personal fulfillment and purpose through using his God given talents to help bring others closer to God.  Jonathan has practiced regular discernment in learning how God most wants him to steward his gifts.


Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Plains
Hometown, Plains

In her witness, Kathy shares her initial misunderstanding about what stewardship truly means. (Hint: it is not all about the money!)  She also notes the importance of a regular prayer life in practicing stewardship well.  Beautifully related too, is Kathy’s understanding about the foundational place of gratitude within the practice of stewardship.


Epiphany Parish, Sayre
Hometown, Athens

Karen uses the Parable of the Talents in helping to describe her understanding and practice of stewardship.  The parable helps to demonstrate that all is gift and all belongs to God.   Karen finds inspiration in the parable to help her embody a spirit of generosity, and to use that in witnessing to God’s generosity.


St. Gregory Parish, Clarks Green
Hometown, Clarks Summit

Listen to Magnolia relate how she has practiced acknowledging the gifts God has given to her and being grateful for them.  She also points out the importance in heeding the calls which God may offer to us, calls to use our gifts to serve.  (And she speaks to the courage sometimes required to say “Yes!” to those calls.)


St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Milford
Hometown, Milford

Hear Giselle’s story about how it is sometimes in the midst of loss and suffering that we hear God’s call most clearly.  Giselle also shares the importance of both a personal relationship with Jesus and a life of prayer.


St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Milford
Hometown, Milford

Darren shares his experience that it is through serving that he has grown closer to God. He points out that there are different ways to practice stewardship, one of which is donating material gifts, and another is in volunteering and sharing one’s time.  Darren has found sharing his gifts in service to be personally rewarding, bringing him both happiness and peace.