We are disciples of Jesus and stewards of God’s gifts”


Everything we have, everything we are, and everything we will become is a gift

from God. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to pray, serve and share our blessings in gratitude for God’s great bounty.

Thank you for exploring ways you can share in the Mission of the Diocese of Scranton by sharing your blessings.  Our Diocesan ministries support more than 250,000 Catholics in our Diocese and countless individuals of all faiths.

The Ministries of the Diocese

The Diocese offers many giving opportunities that directly benefit those in need and help build up the Kingdom of God. Gifts to the Diocesan Annual Appeal provide essential funding for five ministries which serve every Catholic parish, school and family and many community individuals and families in 11 counties. Ministries supported by the Appeal include Catholic Social Services and Parish Social Justice Grants, Catholic education in schools and parishes, seminarian education and care of our retired and ill clergy, Parish Life programs and services and Catholic Media and communications.

Additional giving opportunities include our Catholic School Tuition Assistance Program, the Vocations Golf Tournament in support of Seminarian Education and Estate Planning to make gifts to the Diocese and to parishes.

For more information, contact Jim Bebla, Diocesan Secretary for Development, at 570-207-2250 or Jim-Bebla@DioceseofScranton.org