The involvement of the laity in mission outreach is a growing ministry in our Diocese. It includes high school students, college students, and adults in the workforce. Financial assistance is provided when needed for college students and adults who have heard and answered the call to volunteer for short or long-term service in various missions around the world.


Since 1993, our office has been sponsoring mission experiences for seminarians and high school students entering their Senior year. The students raise their own money for these trips from part-time work, parents, relatives, and by reaching out for help from their parishes and schools when possible. Announcements are sent to DRE’s, Pastors and Principals at Catholic High Schools in December.

The mission experience has also been expanded to include a separate one-week trip for adults who have expressed a desire to serve in this capacity.


It is our hope that more diocesan priests, religious and laity will respond to our call to be a spiritual director or chaperone for one of the mission experiences. The benefits of such an experience are beyond description.

Photos from Past Trips
List of Mission Experiences
(since 1993)