St. Elizabeth Parish Life and Ministry:

  • Liturgy Committee meets 2-3 times per year
  • Music Ministry :  Organist and Choir
  • Schedule for Mass, Sacraments

Tuesday 9am-St Elizabeth;  Saturday 4pm-St, Mark                            Sunday 10:30am-St. Elizabeth

Confessions by appointment right now

  • Parish Pastoral Council: monthly meetings


  • Parish Finance Council: monthly meetings
  • RCIA and Adult Faith Formation:
    Facilitated by Parish Life Coordinator
  • Parish Religious Education for Children
  • Parish Service and Social Concerns

Social Concerns donations as needed

  • Women’s and Men’s Organization:  The Guild and KofC

St. Rita Parish Life and Ministry 

Music Ministry: Organist and Cantor

Schedule for Mass

Tuesday 9am, Thursday 9am; Saturday 4pm; Sunday 9am, 10:30am;  Confessions by appointment

  • Parish Pastoral Council: monthly meetings;
  • Current Parish Pastoral Plan
  • Parish Finance Council: monthly meetings
  • Faith Formation:Currently- online program with St Maximilian Kolbe in Pocono Pines
  • Parish Service and Social Concerns: Social Concerns donations as needed, collect food for the Food Pantry at the Lutheran Church in Gouldsboro