Mission Statements for these Linked Parishes



We the people of Saint John Neumann Parish see the Eucharist as source and summit of our joyful faith. Our united purpose is building a deeper spirituality through loving neighbor  and witnessing the Gospel to the world.




We the family of St. Paul of the Cross Parish are a Eucharistic Community of believers who witness and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament.  With open arms to all we reach out with love to those in need as we strive to live out our Baptismal call to holiness.



Heart of the Linked Parishes (as reflected by Pastoral Council members):  Our parishioners’ commitment to social justice stems from a deep understanding that as a worshipping community we are called to be the “Body of Christ” to the world.  Our focus on discipleship and community service seeks to respond to the current and long range needs of the community.  For St. Paul of the Cross, this includes significant outreach with the elderly, homebound and hospitalized – as well as the embrace of increasing ethnic diversity in our area.  For St. John Neumann, this is expressed in our open commitment to the spiritual formation of youth and the creation of a parish family which recognizes its members in all their levels of spiritual need and diversity, especially Seniors and the Spanish community who have been part of this parish for over 30 years.

On the horizon:  The parishes of this linkage will plan intentionally towards sustainable pastoral care and mission response for southside Scranton, recognizing the expanding needs of the Hispanic/Latino communities in the Scranton area, and partnerships with essential local human services agencies.  Immediate attention will be needed for:

  • Accompanying parishioners through the changes, yet again
  • Parish Census
  • Decisions on future use of all buildings; plan for cemeteries
  • Continued emphasis by all staff and volunteers on engaging and unifying the diversity of cultures and peoples

Our hopes and vision for the future of the Catholic community of southside Scranton include such things as:

  • Evangelizing and bringing more people into the parish family; spirit of Resurrection
  • Continuing viable ministries and developing additional opportunities for each age group and interest
  • Regenerating and sustaining strong liturgical ministry with choir, cantors and musicians
  • Developing all possible uses of facilities to provide for needs of the local community
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