Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Diocesan Cemeteries

YES – Many crypts are priced at a cost comparable to the total cost of the average in-ground burial.

YES – Crypts are available for one, two, or multiple family arrangements.

YES – Crypt prices vary according to location.

YES –  Individuals of all faiths are welcome to be interred at Diocesan cemeteries.

YES – A monument may be placed on a four (4) grave lot.

YES – Many single or multiple graves are available in flat marker sections.

YES – Cash discount is available.

YES – Flat bronze markers are available at the cemetery.

YES – Easy payment plans are available.

YES – Cemetery grounds’ annual cleanup dates are held each Spring and Fall.  Please remove all sentimental items from your loved ones’ graves prior to the following dates:  Spring Cleanup begins March 1st – Fall cleanup begins November 1st.  Thank you!