How to Apply for Papal Blessing Parchments, Online or In-person in Vatican City


The circumstances and occasions for which Papal Blessing parchments are granted are:

    • Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation
    • Marriage
    • Priestly Ordination
    • Religious Profession
    • Secular Consecration
    • Ordination of Permanent Deacons
    • Anniversary (10, 25, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 years) of Marriage*, Priestly Ordination, Religious Profession
    • Birthday (18, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years)*

Requests for papal blessings for occasions other than those indicated cannot not be considered. When an asterisk (*) is given, the person ordering the parchment is asked to make a “declaration of eligibility” (in other words, that the person for whom the Blessing is intended is both Catholic and practicing).  The declaration of eligibility is expressed simply by a short declaration, by one’s own responsibility, agreeing to the necessary conditions.

As of March 2019, the Holy See adjusted the way a Papal Blessing on parchment may be obtained.  All requests must now be submitted directly to the Office of Papal Charities either in person or online from the following website: (no other online site is accepted).

Please note the Diocese of Scranton is no longer able to obtain a Papal Blessing on another’s behalf, in writing or otherwise, but will gladly assist with any questions about the process.  (If you have any questions, please contact Heather Betts in the Chancery Office at 570-207-2216 or via email at

1.  In-person from the Papal Charities Office in Vatican City:

One may visit the Office of Papal Charities inside Vatican City by entering Saint Anne’s Gate (on the right side of the colonnade of Saint Peter’s Square) during the hours of 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Monday through Saturday).  Parchments can be requested here by choosing from all the templates available, which are then to be collected in person or sent by post.  The time needed for the Apostolic Blessing to be ready to be collected at the Office of Papal Charities is approximately 15 days.  The cost of the parchment ranges from 16 to 24 Euros, according to the template chosen.  Please note that after subtracting the costs of preparing and posting the parchment, all proceeds are applied entirely to the works of charity undertaken daily in the name of the Pope by the Office of Papal Charities, in service of the poor.

2.  Online from the Elemosineria Apostolica Website:

The request process must be followed by supplying the necessary data and by following the instructions:

1. Choose the occasion for which the Apostolic Blessing is being sought.
2. Choose the parchment template (according to the various occasions).
3. Enter the data needed for the preparation of the parchment (one or more parchments can be requested in this way). Information needed to request parchments include the first and last name of the person(s) for whom the Apostolic Blessing is requested, the reason or occasion prompting the request, the date and place where the occasion is taking place for which the Blessing is being requested (these are all necessary in the case of a sacrament, religious profession or anniversary). Please note the date of the occasion may not be more than four months or less than two months away.
4. Registration of the person making the request (one can create a personal account which can be used for future requests), and choice of picking it up at the Vatican (during the opening hours indicated) or of mailing to anywhere in the world (delivery is by DHL Express Courier). If one chooses to have the Apostolic Blessing mailed, the destination address is to be inserted (which can be different from the address of the person making the request). One should also include the email address and phone number with international prefix of the destination address.
5. Contribution paid by credit card (only VISA and MasterCard). An email is then sent from the Papal Charities office that confirms the process has been completed correctly.
6. Time needed for the parchment to be prepared to be mailed is approximately 20 days. The DHL Express Courier will then send an email to you and provide the relevant tracking number.
7. Costs: Costs include the cost of the parchment, ranging from 16 to 24 Euros—according to the template chosen, and the cost of the mailing by DHL Express Courier (please see the chart on the Elemosineria Apostolica website). Please note that after subtracting the costs of preparing and posting the parchment, all proceeds are applied entirely to the works of charity undertaken daily in the name of the Pope by the Office of Papal Charities, in service of the poor.