Diocese of Scranton


The Director, St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen is responsible for the day-to-day operations of St.Francis of Assisi Kitchen, Food Pantry and Clothing Pantry.


  1. Directs the day-to-day operations of the kitchen, food pantry and clothing pantry.
  2. Formulates, implements, and reviews policies and procedures.
  3. Develops, disseminates and implements best practices related to excellence in service.
  4. Supervises staff and provides oversight for the development of training and orientation of new employees.
  5. Assist in the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget in conjunction with the Diocesan Secretary of Catholic Human Services and Diocesan Secretary of Finance.
  6. Represents St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen positively in public and private forums and does not engage in any conduct that reflects adversely on the Diocese of Scranton.
  7. Acts as a steward for the nurturing of relationships with the Advisory Board Members with a focus on fund-raising.
  8. Supports the Governing Board in the development of a strategic plan that includes the need to expand kitchens and food and clothing pantries throughout the Diocese of Scranton where needed.
  9. Participate in the Catholic Human Services monthly leadership meetings.
  10. Embraces and demonstrates the mission of the Diocese of Scranton.


  1.  Embraces the mission of the Diocese of Scranton which is:
    We, the Catholic community of the Diocese of Scranton, are called through Baptism to imitate the servant leadership of Jesus Christ. In union with our Holy Father, the Pope, we proclaim the Gospel faithfully,celebrate the sacraments joyfully, and boldly promote life,justice and peace in northeastern and north central Pennsylvania.
  1.  Demonstrates the themes of Catholic Social Teaching which are:
    • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
    • Call to Family, Community and Participation
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
    • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
    • Solidarity
    • Care for God’s Creation
  1.  Role models the operating principles as follows:
    • We engage and serve others in life-giving ways, consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.
    • We communicate with honesty and consistency, in a spirit of collaboration.
    • We treat all those who interact with dignity and respect.
    • We provide guidance and resources when and where they are needed.
    • We strive to be strategic and cohesive, and to see and understand our own roles and the roles and responsibilities of others in terms of what is best for the people we serve, and the Diocese of Scranton.
    • We lead by example.
    • We provide clear direction and set clear expectations.
    • We follow through and see tasks through to conclusions.
    • We foster a learning environment and seek to learn from each other and from our mistakes.
    • We help others to develop their talents.
    • We are approachable.
    • We debate the content of an issue, not its ownership.
    • We reach agreement on best ideas, and then give our full support.
    • We applaud successes with positive feedback, with our own offices and beyond office and Diocesan boundaries.
    • We form and develop leaders to be proactive, to shape events and opportunities.
    • We create interpersonal connections agency-wide that foster the development of new employees.
    • We actively encourage innovative approaches to enhance performance.
    • We support and encourage fulfilling personal and professional growth experiences for all employees.
    • We challenge assumptions that limit expectations and regularly assess performance.
    • We maintain confidentiality to preserve the dignity of the individual and to further confidence and trust in St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen and Food and Clothing Pantry.
    • We act as responsible stewards of St. Francis of Assist Kitchen assets, resources and talents.

          Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years experience in a leadership role.

          Diocesan Secretary for Catholic Human Services