The Together Project is an opportunity for high school students from across the Diocese of Scranton to come together for a virtual community building experience. Typically your summer would be packed with a number of exciting things such as Quo Vadis Days, Up&Over, ISLI, vacation bible school, and summer camps and retreats. The Together Project is not a retreat, but rather an opportunity for students to connect with one another during these unusual times. We know that so many participants in our retreat programs look forward to returning because of the friendships they’ve made. We want to encourage those friendships and continue to provide a place where they can be formed in faith.

What Is It?!


*Peer facilitated virtual small groups based on common interests – small groups are facilitated by 3 young adults per group

*Connect weekly in an optional video chat

*Stay connected with your small group between video chats with GroupMe messages

*Open to 9th – 12th grade students

*Free of charge – there’s no registration fee!


Week 1 & Kick Off Meeting: Monday, July 27th 7:00pm via Webex

Week 2 Topic: Support

Week 3 Topic: Change

Week 4 Topic: Individuality


When Is It?!


*Your small group will meet once a week for just one hour. Each week will have a different topic and agenda to help facilitate conversation

*Small groups will run from July 27th – August 17th

*If you opt in to the GroupMe messages, a few messages will come to you in between each live video chat just to keep in touch

The goal is to simply keep us all together until we can be together again!

 For More information, email Shannon at