Service and Justice: An Extraordinary Mission
Saturday, October 26, 2019
St. Jude Parish, Mountaintop

Parish Ministers from across the diocese are invited to attend a day, centered around aspects of service as part of the “extraordinary mission” of our discipleship!

Jennifer Housel and Katy Windels from the Office for Parish Life will guide participants through practical ways for growing in  service to others.

Though few of us would disagree that service is a cornerstone of our faith, how often have we focused on the importance of participating in service as a family?  Explore the unique significance and multiple benefits of families serving together. Many ideas for family service projects will be provided.

In addition, Katy Windels will address service “at home,” in our local communities and the larger global impact of our ministry to others.


Becoming Faithful Curators:
Discovering and Evaluating Resources for Serving a 21st Century Church 

Saturday, November 9, 2019; 9:00AM– 3:00PM
St. John Neumann Parish, Scranton

Parish leaders have the significant responsibility of curating the knowledge and practices of the Catholic Christian religion they provide their parishioners.  Recall Jesus’ graphic message (Mt 18:6; Lk 17:2) about those who lead the little ones astray suffering a fate worse than drowning with a mill-stone tied about their necks?  Jesus is so emphatic because at stake is people’s ability to have a healthy relationship with God and to live the gospel authentically.  This responsibility has perhaps been made even more challenging by the sometimes overwhelming availability of information today, even in the area of faith.  How can we acquire religious “information literacy?”

Faithful curation involves discerning:

a) relevance to the times and to the audience,
b) opportunities for access,
c) faithfulness to the gospel and to the Church and
d) loads of humility.

We will discuss useful yardsticks for measuring the appropriateness of information and practice applying them to typical choices parish leaders make, like deciding on programs and publications, Scriptural interpretations, news sources and prayer experiences.

Bernadette Rudolph, MA, MS, has worn many different hats in her lifetime, including teacher, pastoral associate, principal, retreat leader, daughter, sister, mother and wife.  She endlessly explores how God is mixed-up in human lives and loves to help others see it as well.   From 2012-2017, Bernadette was the Director for Family and Community Development for the Diocese of Scranton.  She is currently an instructor in Villanova University’s Theology/Religious Studies Department and publishes a weekly podcast,

The cost for each workshop is $30.00.

These gatherings serve as eligible Ministry Skills workshop credits for participants in the Diocesan Certificate in Lay Ministry, but are open to all parish ministers  who wish to join!

For more information contact Kitty Scanlan at 570-207-2213