1. Attendance at training.
  2. To verify that you have attended, you must register on the VIRTUS Online system.
    1. Access the website at www.virtus.org
    2. Box on Left – Click on “First Time Registrant”
    3. Next Screen – Click on “Begin the Registration Process”
    4. Create User ID and Password
    5. Complete registration information online
  3. Approved by the Diocese as a “User” of the system. Should take approximately two weeks.
  4. Following User approval, you can print a certificate.
    1. Log on to your account.
    2. Click on the Training tab
    3. Menu on left – Click on “Live Training”
    4. Next screen – Click on “Print Certificate”
  5. Some participants receive monthly bulletins with ongoing training information. Bulletins are posted at the end of the first full week of each month. You should receive an email each month stating “New Content on VIRTUS Online”.

The bulletins are short with questions to answer at the end. Once answers are submitted, it verifies you have read the bulletin.

Everyone has access to ongoing education. It is part of the prevention strategy to keep our children safe. Please help us to assure their safety by cooperating with this simple but important process.

Thank you for protecting the children in our care!