1. What is the VIRTUS program?
    The VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children Program is a child sexual abuse prevention training.  By attending the program, participants increase their awareness of the nature of child sexual abuse and how they, as part of the Catholic community, can prevent further abuse from happening.
    VIRTUS sessions are offered throughout the year at parishes, diocesan schools and other diocesan organizations.
  2. Who is required to attend?
    ALL clergy (Priests and Deacons)
    ALL diocesan employees
    Volunteers that have regular and repeated contact with youth
  3. I hold a professional license, am I still required to attend?
    Yes, regardless of any licensing, training, profession or experience you have, if you are going to volunteer with youth or are employed by the Diocese of Scranton, you must attend a VIRTUS session.  This includes but is not limited to law enforcement, nurses, doctors, counselors/psychologists, teachers, administrators and probation officers.
  4. I have completed the Boy Scout Leader training, do I need to attend VIRTUS too?
    If your Scout troop is chartered thru the parish, you are also required to attend VIRTUS training.  The Boy Scout leader training is excellent and sets a standard of expectations for leaders.  However, it does not contain the same messages found in the VIRTUS session.  Therefore, in order to assure a common base of understanding among all those who serve within the Diocese of Scranton, you are required to attend.
  5. I attended a VIRTUS session in a different diocese, do I need to attend another session in the Diocese of Scranton?
    No, if you attended a session in another diocese you are not required to repeat the training.  Please email helpdesk@virtus.org to request your account be transferred to the Diocese of Scranton.
  6. Where do I find the schedule for VIRTUS training?
    The Diocese of Scranton website posts a current list of all training opportunities.  Visit www.www.dioceseofscranton.org
  7. How do I register online?
    Register online at www.virtusonline.org
    Click on the registration link in the left hand column
    Select “Scranton (Diocese)” from the drop down box
    Create your own User ID and Password
    Follow the screen prompts to continue the online registration
  8. Can I register to attend a VIRTUS session on my smartphone?
    Yes, you can now register to attend a VIRTUs session using most smartphones including iPhones and Androids.
  9. How do I change the email address in my account at virtus.org?
    You may update your email address (and other account information) by going to www.virtus.org, logging in and clicking on “Update my Account”.
  10. How do I know if a session is cancelled due to bad weather?
    If parish events or school classes are cancelled where the VIRTUS session was scheduled to take place, the session will also be cancelled.  If possible, notification will be posted on the diocesan website.  If you are unsure, contact the location that is hosting the session.
  11. How do I print a certificate of attendance?
    After verifying your attendance at the session, your account will be approved.  To print a certificate, log in.  Scroll down the Training column and click on Live Training.  On the next screen, click on Print Certificate.
  12. How will my parish or school know that I’ve attended a VIRTUS session?
    When you register online, make sure to note all parishes, schools or diocesan organizations where you work or volunteer.  After you attend a session, your name will appear on a list of approved VIRTUS attendees.
  13. Can I take the training online?
    Although the online training is approved by the Diocese of Scranton, it should be reserved for exceptional circumstances.  Every effort should be made to attend a live training session.  In that way, questions can be answered and participants can benefit from the discussion.
  14. Do I need to take the training more than once?
    The Diocese of Scranton requires one initial training session.  Some individuals are required to read the monthly email bulletins as continuing education.  Refer to Question #15.
  15. After I attend a VIRTUS session, what further training is required?
    If you are a member of the clergy, employee or volunteer that works in religious education or youth ministry, you will be required to read monthly email bulletins.  The short bulletins contain current information on the topic of child protection.  There is one question that must be completed successfully to be noted as having completed the training.
    Anyone may read featured articles at www.virtus.org at any time.  You don’t even have to log in
  16. If I am assigned the monthly online training bulletin, how do I know when the next bulletin is available to read?
    You should receive an email from system@virtus.org sent to the address you provided when registering online.
  17. How do I access my monthly online training bulletins at virtus.org ?
    Log on to www.virtus.org then click on the “My Training” tab at the top of the page.  Your current bulletin is located there.  You will also see a box on the right hand side of the “My Training” page that says “Training Bulletin Report”.  This tells you how many online training bulletins you currently need to complete.  If you have past bulletins to complete, click on the text “Click here to see your complete report” to see a listing.  You access each bulletin by clicking on the title.
  18. How much does the training cost?
    There is no charge to attend the program.
  19. Whom should I contact if I have any additional questions, comments or concerns?
    Please contact the diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator at 570-207-1453.