Resources Background Checks

Background checks are conducted to meet the requirements for the Charter and to comply with Pennsylvania law. The background screening is limited to a search for:

  1. Verification of a person’s identity
  2. Existence of a prior criminal record
  3. Listing on the state sex offender registry

Background checks are needed for:

  1. All clergy and religious
  2. All paid employees having direct contact and routine interaction with children***
  3. All volunteers who have direct contact and routine interaction with children
  4. Do not forget to include coaches, field trip chaperones, cafeteria and religious education aides.

***Employees having no direct contact with children can obtain an employment screening/background check obtained through a private vendor

Independent Audit Compliance Results







  1. Requirement Charts
    1. Parish Compliance Chart
    2. Parish Volunteer Compliance Chart
    3. Volunteers and Coaches Chart
    4. School Personnel Chart
  2. PA State Police Criminal History Check – Online Submission
  3. PA Child Abuse History Certification – Online Application
  4. FBI Federal check – Registration Codes for Parish Employees and Volunteers
    (PA Dept. of Human Services) – Idemia IdentoGO
  5. FBI Federal Check – Registration Codes for School Personnel and Volunteers
    (PA Dept. of Education) – Idemia IdentoGO
  6. Code of Conduct (Adult)
  7. Code of Conduct (Youth)
  8. Volunteer Affidavit
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Employees
    2. Volunteers