Background Checks

Background checks are conducted to meet the requirements for the Charter and to comply with Pennsylvania law. The background screening is limited to a search for:

  1. Verification of a person’s identity
  2. Existence of a prior criminal record
  3. Listing on the state sex offender registry

Background checks are needed for:

  1. All clergy and religious
  2. All paid employees having direct contact and routine interaction with children***
  3. All volunteers who have direct contact and routine interaction with children
  4. Do not forget to include coaches, field trip chaperones, cafeteria and religious education aides.

***Employees having no direct contact with children can obtain an employment screening/background check obtained through a private vendor


  1. Requirement Charts
    1. Parish Compliance Chart
    2. Parish Volunteer Compliance Chart
    3. Volunteers and Coaches Chart
    4. School Personnel Chart
  2. PA State Police Criminal History Check – Online Submission
  3. PA Child Abuse History Certification – Online Application
  4. FBI Federal check – Registration Codes for Parish Employees and Volunteers
    (PA Dept. of Human Services) – Idemia IdentoGO
  5. FBI Federal Check – Registration Codes for School Personnel and Volunteers
    (PA Dept. of Education) – Idemia IdentoGO
  6. Code of Conduct (Adult)
  7. Code of Conduct (Youth)
  8. Volunteer Affidavit
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Employees
    2. Volunteers